Nanostead strives to become a leader in providing turn-key opportunities for people to achieve a more self-sufficient lifestyle. With vast experience in Green Building, Agriculture, and Sustainability, Nanostead specializes in custom built tiny homes, accessory dwellings, small cabins and design services.

Jeramy has been working in the green building industry since 2001  and has always been active and supportive in  sustainable agriculture through farming and working at cooperatives and local food retailers in Ohio and Vermont before moving to the Asheville area at the end of 2002.

In 2004 Jeramy and his wife Dana built a 384 sq. ft. cabin in the rural community of  Madison County N.C.  During the building process they lived in a Yome made by Red Sky Shelters.  This among other very “tiny” living situations made sense for them as  a young couple. Although they do not live in the same 384 Sq.Ft. cabin they still reside in Madison county and  raise Old English Southdown Sheep among other livestock and grow food on their small farm with their two children.

Jeramy has also worked as a Project Manager and has been with South East Ecological Design for 11 years , and is a member of the Western North Carolina Green Building Counsel (WNCGBC) and The Asheville Tiny Home Association.

Tiny homes, portable houses, and downsized living is a movement that will help handle the growth of population, and increase the wellness of our environment.  Small scale farming and homesteading are also a need for sustainable living.

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Jeramy Stauffer | founder of nanostead